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20 May

The Trumpet

Full disclosure, I tried to play the trumpet, and I was terrible at it. Like I probably would have been better off working at Fayetteville NC tree services. I was in pretty much every musical group I could be in high school, except for the concert band and the jazz band, because, well, I didn’t play a Read more

13 May

The Harp

I have never played a harp. I don’t think I’ve ever even touched a harp, actually. It’s not really the kind of instrument you find lying around in a friend’s basement or an unused corner of a school music room. They’re rather expensive. And big, and presumably heavy though not so heavy that you’d need Read more

8 May

The Violin

This is another instrument that I play (which you’d know if you read the About page, but I know some of you probably didn’t. And I guess that’s fine. You’re probably the kind of person who doesn’t read introductions to books, either … but anyway …), but I never got nearly as good as I did Read more

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